Тренировочные задания по подготовке к ЕГЭ по английскому языку по теме «Daily routine»


учителя английского языка Балтасинской гимназии Балтасинского района 

I. Questions for discussion. Ask and answer the questions with your partner

II. Fill the gaps in these sentences with the suitable words below.

frustrating        unpredictable     loose        smart          boring              relaxed       fussy

  1. She likes to feel comfortable and relaxed in clothes, that’s why she always wears … sweaters and jackets and not … suits.
  2. Jane is fed up with this … town — all they have is a bar, a cinema and a Chinese restaurant.
  3. There must be nothing more … than having a job you don’t like.
  4. You can’t feel … and enjoy yourself if there are exams co­ming.
  5. Since the time she was ill, she’s been … about what she eats.
  6. She behaves like the weather in Great Britain; she’s so …


III. Find the corresponding ending of the following proverbs. Make up situations to explain their meaning

The early bird next to godliness
Haste makes Jack a dull boy
No sweet wait for no man
God helps those who help themselves
Live and catches the worm
All work and no play makes without some sweat
Cleanliness is waste
Time and tide learn

IV. Put the pictures in the correct order and make up a story.