My animals

(Уроки английского языка в 4 классе)  


учитель английского языка высшей квалификационной категории Большеатнинской средней школы Атнинского района

Тип занятия: комбинированный.



– тренировать и закреплять лексические и грамматические навыки по теме;

– совершенствовать лексические и грамматические навыки по теме;


– развивать умения говорения (диалогическая речь);

– развивать память, логику, мышление;

– развивать творческие способности учащихся;


– способствовать воспитанию доброжелательности, отзывчивости, взаимопомощи, ответственности;

– воспитывать умение работать индивидуально, в паре, в группе;

– повышать мотивацию к изучению английского языка.

Оборудование: мультимедийный экран, проектор, ноутбук, колонки, карточки с заданиями, игровой мяч.

The plan:

  1. Introduction

– Good morning, dear сhildren!

– Good morning, our teacher!

– How are you?

– Fine, thanks. And you?

– I’m fine. Thank you. I am glad to see you.

– We are glad to see you, too.

Let’s sing a Hello Song (interesting motivation for the lesson)

  1. Phonetic Drill

– Let’s practice the sound [ᴂ].

A black cat

Sat on a map

And ate

A fat rat.

(Pupils repeat after the teacher and may tell the class by heart.)

III. Warming Up

Game “Animals chain” (this method is to remember the previous lessons’ words. The 1st pupil name the name of the animal and pass the ball the other one. They do it by turn.)

  1. Giving new material

– Watch the presentation, pupils. Try to remember as many animals as you can. And remember what they can do. (Watching the presentaation) skyteach-ru.animals.)

  1. Rest

– Swim like a……(fish) –pupils dance in action

– Climb like a……(monkey)……..and so on.

  1. Practising new material
  2. Controlled practice. (Take 2 cards with animals, show them to pupils, describe one of them and ask what you described.)
  3. Semi-controlled practice. (Change your places with your pupil, let him describe this picture.)
  4. Freer practice. (take a picture with many animals in it. Describe one animal and the class should guess. Play this game in turns. Who takes 5 points, that wins.)
  5. Game “Finish the sentence”.

– Look at the blackboard and finish the sentences.

I can swim like …..

I can jump like ……

I can dance like ……


I can run like ……

I can sing like ………

(Pupils come to the blackboard and finish the sentences.)

  1. Game“Snowball”.

I can see a cat. (I can see a cat, a dog. I can see a cat, a dog, a dolphin…)

VII. Speking. Dialogue

– Hello?

– Hi.

– Who are you?

– I am a…

– And who are you?

– I am a…

– Can you…?

– Yes, I can.

– Can you..?

– No, I can’t.

– Nice to meet you.

– Nice to meet you.

(Dramatize the dialogue.)

VIII. Brainstorming ideas. Cinquain method. Explanation of this method

(The first line is a noun, the second line is composed of adjectives that describe the noun in the first line, the third line has an action, the fourth line contains a longer description, and the fifth line is a noun that relates to the noun in the first line.)

Here’s an example:

– Animals.

– Сute, domestic, wild.

– Help people.

– Feed people.

– Friends.

– The end of the lesson.

– Singing “Goodbye song”.