«Кино на уроках английского языка»


(Мастер класс для учителей)


учитель английского языка гимназии №10  г Зеленодольска

Цель и задачи урока:

Познавательный аспект: познакомить с миром кино и его профессиями; научить писать резюме по фильму.

Развивающий аспект: развивать способность к анализу, синтезу, классификации и систематизации, к догадке, способность осуществлять продуктивные и репродуктивные речевые действия; способствовать развитию  воображения; содействовать  способности к догадке, коммуникабельности; способствовать развитию дедуктивного мышления.

Воспитательный аспект: воспитывать чувство сопричастности к мировой истории; содействовать воспитанию толерантного отношения к мнению других людей; воспитывать потребность в приобщении к мировой культуре.

Учебный аспект: развивать лексические и грамматические навыки говорения и аудирования с целью извлечения конкретной информации; использование средств массовой информации для изучения английского языка; совершенствовать навыки понимания иноязычного текста с извлечением необходимой информации.

Сопутствующая задача: предварительный скрытый контроль уровня развития речевого умения.

Ход урока

1. Good morning, I am glad to see you. How are you?

2. Try to guess what are we going to speak about?

It is one of the most accessible and interesting art   

Any ideas? What  is one of the most accessible and interesting art?

Yes, It is cinema. Do you agree? Why  is it one of the most accessible and interesting art?

          – There are TV in every houses.

Of course, nowdays cinema is a part of our life. And we can’t imagine even a day without it.

Do  you know why we speak about cinema?

– Because 2016 is announced  «The year of cinema in Russia»

Do we watch films?

          – People like to entertain themselves, kill time

           – I like real lives.I prefer watching historical films

My task is another one. I want to show you how to learn English through the films.

3. I’ll  show you part of the movie. It will be mute.

What do you think what they are talking about? (Просмотр эпизод из фильма «Турист».)

We’ll watch video and listen to the dialogue.

There are helpful words to understand the dialogue better.


Spy novel


To kidnap

To blackmail

To involve

To await


To shoot


шпионский роман








4. Attention to the screen, please. (Просмотр видео со звуком.)

5. Now let’s complete the sentences with missing words. Look through the text.

– I’m Elise.

– I’m Frank.

– That’s a  1 (…) name.

– (laughs) Yeah, that’s the only one I’ve got.

– Maybe we can find you  2 (…).

– Okay. What 3 (…) you to Venice?

– You read spy novels. I am a mysterious woman 4 (…). You tell me what my story is.

– Okay…

– I think you 5 (…) be a diplomat attache. Or maybe a girl from 6 (…) whose father’s been kidnapped.  And they’re blackmailing you into stealing something for them… Probably 7(…), there’s usually  7 (…) involved.

– What awaits me?

– 8 (…), certainly

– 9 (…)?

– Oh, yeah. You’ll most likely be shot at in less than 10 (…)!

– Is there a man in my life?

– … have to wait and 11 (…).


– Я – Элиз.

– Я – Фрэнк.

– Ужасное имя.

– Да, уж какое есть.

– Может, удастся найти получше.

– Хорошо. Зачем вы едите в Венецию?

– Вы читаете шпионские романы? «Я таинственная женщина на борту таинственного поезда». Вы и расскажите обо мне.

– Хорошо. Я думаю, вы дипломатический атташе. Или девушка из восточной Германии, её отца похитили с целью выкупа. И теперь они шантажируют вас, и вы должны украсть что-нибудь для похитителей.  Возможно микрофильм, в таких историях он часто бывает.

– И что меня ждет?

– Трудности, конечно,

– Опасности?

– Да. Вероятно, вас застрелят в ближайших двух главах.

– А мужчина у меня есть?

– Поживем – увидим.

6. To have a complete understanding of the movie, let’s see the English trailer.

7. Who creates the ratings of the films? People, of course. As you understand you will create the rating of this film. That’s why the next task is to write a review of the film. 5 min will be enough to write 4 – 5 sentences.

It will be better to do this task in groups. And one of you will present group’s idea. Let’s start. You have helpful words, Don’t forget about your recommendations. (Звучит песня из кинофильма «Человек с бульвара Капуцинов».)

8. There is no soldier who wouldn’t like to be a general.

There is person who wouldn’t like to act in the film. We’ll make our own film. Let’s your wish be true.

I’ll be a producer. You are actors. I’ll read,you act.








A princess,


It is dark night in the forest. Wind is howling. Trees are swinging. Between the trees the path is going off.

Prince is riding a horse. He is riding and riding and finally he stopped. He gets off the horse and goes on his way. The path is going and going away and says «Chiao».

Prince looks around, sees a hut standing on one leg. He knocks at the hut:

– Tuk-tuk, who lives in this house?

– I am not a house — offended hut –By the way ,I am a hut on one leg, and my size is standard. I don’t invite you to come in. A robber stays here and soon he will come back. Come another time.

Prince is surprised, he has never seen a talking huts. So he hides  behind a tree and waits for the robber.

So wind is howling , trees are swinging, the path is going away

The prince is sitting near the hut and his horse is near him. Suddenly he sees the robber and the princess entering the hut from different sides.

They bumpt heir heads and fall on the floor.

– A-ah-ah! – Cried the princess.

– A-ah-ah!! – cried the prince.

A robber is so shocked that he faints.

Prince rushes into the hut and grabs the robber.

– I didn’t think the princess could be so heavy.

– I’m here!   cries the princess happily.

– My dear princess! He throws the robber on the floor, picks up her. And they lived happily all their days

9. H/W.: Вставьте в предложения слова и фразы, подходящие по смыслу.

Terrible_Novel_Mysterious_To kidnap_To blackmail_To involve_To await_Likely _To shoot.

1. We have just received some (…) news.

2. The wife of a businessman has been (…) from her home in Surrey.

3. Don’t sell the bearskin until you have (…) the bear.

4. I suppose that might happen but it’s not very (…).

5. Have you read any of Jane Austen’s (…)?

6. A marvellous reception (…) me on my first day at work.

7. She’s an actress whose inner life has remained (…), despite the many interviews she has given.

8. (…) is the action of threatening to reveal a secret about someone, unless they do something you tell them to do, such as giving you money.

9. I would really like to (…) you in this project, as I think it would interest you.

So our lesson is coming to the end.

10. What have you done?

What have you memorized?

What have you learnt?