(Урок английского языка в 5 классе)


учитель английского языка гимназии №10 г. Зеленодольска

  1. The beginning.

Teacher: Good morning girls and boys, I am happy to see you.

Pupils: Good morning, teacher.

Teacher: Can you say the same in pairs?

(Pupils say to each other — I am happy to see you.)

Teacher: Now, let’s say: You are my friend, I will help you.

(Pupils say to each other-You are my friend, I will help you.)

Teacher: Thank you guys. Take your seats, please.

(Pupils take their seats) (slide 2)

  1. The main body.

Teacher: Look at my table, what can you see?

Pupils:Christmas tree, baubles, tinsel, Santa Claus, presents.

Teacher: Yes. And what is our lesson about?

Pupils: About New Year, Christmas, presents.

Teacher: You are absolutely right. Today we are going to speak about Christmas. You will know some interesting facts, I hope. And can you guess, what are we going to do?

Pupils: Maybe read and speak about this holiday. (slide 3)

Teacher: Yes. You are right. On your desks, you can find workbooks for today. And the first task- read the words and phrases, then tick the words if you know them. You have 30 seconds.

(Pupils read the words and phrases and tick them.)

Teacher: So, time is out. How many words and phrases you know? Count them and write the number.

I know ____ words and phrases.

Good! I hope that at the end of the lesson the list will be bigger. (slide 4)

Teacher: Look at the next task. What can you see?

Pupils: A text, a story, a letter.

Teacher: What do you expect to read about?

Pupils: About Santa Claus, about Christmas, about reindeer.

Teacher: Let’s read and know. You have 2 minutes to read the letter silently.

(Pupils read the letter). (slide 5)

So, time is out. Pupil A can you come and choose the question. (Pupil A take the question from the teacher and sits on his/her place)

Teacher: Children, as you are sitting in pairs, you have to find the answer to your question in the letter together. I’ll give you 1 minute.

(Pupils read and search the answer) (slide 6)

Teacher: So, it’s time to listen to your answers. Which pair has got the question 1? Student A — read the question. Student B — read the answer. We all listen and check. (The same with other 5 question) (slide 7)

Teacher: It’s time to have a rest. Look at the screen. This is a wordsearch. We have to find these words in wordsearch.  If you could find, rise your hand, come and show us. But one word isn’t in this wordsearch..  (slide 8)

Teacher: Girls and boys, do you want to get presents this Christmas? So, you have to write a letter to Santa Claus. On your desks, you can find a worksheet to write a letter. And, as you are sitting in pairs, you can help each other. So, you have 3 minutes.

Who has done? This is my mail box. Put your letter in the mailbox, I promise to send them. (slide 9)

Teacher: We are almost finished our lesson. And the last task. Again you see the list of words and phrases. Tick the words and phrases which you know now. Then write the number.

I know _____ words and phrases. (slide 10)

  1. The conclusion.

Teacher: Great job! It’s time to write down the homework. Look at the screen. Write 5- 7 sentences about Christmas in Russia, when people celebrate Christmas, how people celebrate it, what they usually do during this holiday and so on. (slide 11)

Teacher: Good job! It’s time to finish our work. I like the way you’ve worked today. Look at the screen and finish the sentences about our lesson. (All pupils look at the screen and they finish the sentences about lesson) (slide 12)

It was useful…

It was difficult…

Teacher: Thank you for the lesson, good bye.

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